Silver Cord Program

HS Silver Cord Service Commendation

Volunteer work presents a great opportunity for students to prepare for their future, as well as to improve the Lynnville-Sully Community School District and surrounding areas. One of the most selfless acts anyone can do is donate their time and talents. Commitment to volunteer work shows that one is willing to work for something without monetary compensation. Students who are busy but still make time to volunteer on evenings or weekends show outstanding character and resolve to make a difference. Committing to a volunteer position shows responsibility. With each new volunteer activity, one gains new skills. Through volunteer work high school students boost socializing skills and awareness of local organizations and social issues. Networks with others are established that may offer future contacts for reference letters, scholarships, and employment opportunities.

Graduating seniors meeting the requirements of the Silver Cord Service Commendation will be recognized at Senior Awards Night with a Silver Cord. Graduates will wear Silver Cords at Commencement and recognition will be noted in the commencement program. Silver Cord Service Commendation recognition at graduation is a celebration of approval and praise, an award for those who have achieved, and encouragement for future graduates.

Volunteer Opportunities

Lynnville Sully Youth Sports Committee:

Date & Times: March 12 starting at 8:20 and going until around 11

Tasks and Responsibilities: Baseball or softball knowledge. Students would be running practice type drills so that the youth sports coaches can observe the skill levels of the players to make evenly balanced teams

Contact Person: Jessica Winegar, Katie Kramer, or Jess Vander Molen


Phone Number: 515-250-1626

More information

Beginning Date

Students may begin after the last day of 8th grade.


Silver Cord Service Commendation Guidelines

Silver Cord Volunteer Hours Verification Form

Silver Cord Acceptable & Non-Acceptable Activities

Silver Cord Service Commendation Advisor: Mr. Shipley, HS Principal

Attention Community Members/Organizations: If you have an opportunity for students to volunteer, please send an email to Mr. Shipley which includes the following information:

Dates and Times

Organization Name

Tasks and Responsibilities

Contact Person


Phone Number