Lunch Menus and Breakfast


Monday: French Toast Sticks

Tuesday: Breakfast Pizza

Wednesday: Egg,Sausage, Toast

Thursday: Biscuits and Gravy

Friday: Donut

Each day there is option for Cereal and Pop Tart

All Breakfasts come with Fruit, Fruit Juice and Milk

Eat Breakfast at School!!

Breakfast is served at school from 8:00 am – 8:15 am!! School breakfast will energize your child’s day and provide them with a healthy start. A nutritious breakfast helps students be more alert so they can learn more in class, and has plenty of vitamins and nutrients for a strong and healthy body.

Breakfast at school is affordable. If you qualify for free and reduced price meals, you also qualify for the breakfast program, with no additional paperwork.

(Free for everyone in 2020-21 school year)

Regular Breakfast Price: $1.30

· Reduced Breakfast Price (if you qualify): $.30

· Free Breakfast Price (if you qualify): $.00

Studies have consistently shown that students who eat breakfast benefit nutritionally and educationally. Starting the day with breakfast has been associated with improved academic performance, improved classroom behavior and attentiveness, and fewer visits to the nurse. Benefits of Breakfast Research: click HERE

Help your child start the day right with school breakfast!

Shane Ehresman, Superintendent