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Facilities Scheduling Process

Gyms and Athletic Facilities: L-S coaches will have first priority to schedule their activities for each corresponding sports season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Once the coaches have their schedules completed, the community will be able to submit requests.  Please see the 2023-24 Reservation Windows below.

Meeting Spaces: If a meeting space is needed, staff and/or community members can make reservations for areas such as libraries, conference rooms, the art gallery, etc. 

Reservation Process: Follow the process on the Facilities Scheduler website.  For L-S staff, but sure to select that option.  All requesters must be approved and have log-in credentials.  Please select all or many of your dates in one request, not one at a time.  Please name your event like the following - "4th Girls BB" - indicate the grade level, group, and activity.  Use this title for all of your requests for that group.

Post-Season Requirements: For all HOME post-season contests being played in the HS Gym, our other gym facilities will be unavailable 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Please contact Tara Williams, AD with any questions or concerns about the facilities scheduling software.



2023-24 Reservation Windows

Fall Scheduling  

July 30 - Nov. 6

Winter Scheduling

Nov. 8 - Feb. 18

Spring Scheduling

Feb. 19 - May 12

Community registration March 9th

Summer Scheduling

May 13 - July 20

Community registration opens Apr. 16th