October 2022


Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursday, October 27: End of the 1st Quarter

  • Friday, October 28: NO SCHOOL (Teacher PD/Work Day)

  • November 7/10: Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Friday, November 11: NO SCHOOL

  • November 22: 1PM Early Dismissal

  • November 23-25: Thanksgiving Break

October is National Principals Month

Did you know that October 2022 is National Principals Month? Well, it is! I thought it would be fun to send out some fun ideas for how to celebrate our two principals at Lynnville-Sully. Teri Bowlin is our PK-8 principal and Aaron Shipley is our 9-12 principal. As principals, they are responsible for establishing a vision for their team and helping create a progressive learning environment for our students. While there are many competing commitments to their time, creating that learning environment is vital to our school’s success. Their work is crucial so let’s take a little time to celebrate them!

I have created a short list of a few things that I have either experienced or heard from other schools. While there are many other ideas out there, here is a place to start to help kickstart your creative juices…

1. Video record a thank you message: There are many things we learned from the pandemic. One of them is the awesome value that video provides us. It’s personal and fun. Hit record and email/send them a thank you that they won’t forget!

2. Give a shoutout on social media: Social media is the best way to reach the masses today. The #ThankAPrincipal hashtag has been very popular on social media when thanking your principal. Use the hashtag to search social media for other ideas as well. Give it a try!

3. Handwrite a note or card: There is nothing more powerful than receiving a handwritten thank you note from someone. Sending a kind email or social media post is always great, but the personal touch of a handwritten note is priceless. Pick your favorite pen and get to it!

4. Give a small token of appreciation: Gifts are always the best way to honor someone. In order to really give that personal token, you must know someone. What are they passionate about? There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on a gift because it’s the thought that counts. In fact, DIY (Do it Yourself) gifts are the most meaningful. Get creative!

5. Create some art: If your school principal has done something exceptional to create a good learning institution, it deserves some coverage. Prepare an art piece like banners, posters, etc, to showcase the great work your principal has done.

6. Snack Time: Who doesn’t love a good snack? Again, in order to really give that favorite snack or drink, you must know someone. If you aren't sure, I’ve learned the best way to find out is to simply ask. We have some of the most amazing local businesses to help in this area. Sugar ‘em up!

Principals often put on many hats to run the school’s day-to-day functions. They also guide parents, students and teachers along the way. All in all, principals are hard-working people who deserve all the respect in this world.

In closing, while this article is focused on thanking your principal, these ideas are great in general for saying thank you to anyone that you appreciate. It reminds me of a t-shirt I recently saw. Be Kind: Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

High School

L-S Honor Society Kicks Off "Safe" program

Seatbelts Are For Everyone, (SAFE) is a free, peer-to-peer program that teaches teens the importance of wearing seatbelts and not driving while distracted.

Students in Lynnville-Sully's Honor Society program (led by Anna Arkema) have spearheaded the charge, along with Deputy Van Kooten from the Jasper County Sheriff's Department.

Honor Society students will track the number of students who are wearing their seatbelts as they enter Lynnville-Sully's parking lot. Then, an assembly was held to educate students and create awareness. Later in the year, the honor society students will again track the number of students wearing their seatbelts to see if any improvements have been made.

DMACC ONLINE Spring Registration Open Now

Looking to take online class through DMACC during the Spring 2023 semester? Follow the link https://dmacc.link/OLCARegSpring to register. Registrations must be submitted by 3:30pm on Wednesday November 30, 2022. No registrations will be accepted after that date. Not sure what classes to take or what might benefit you the most, stop in and talk through your options with Mrs. O'Halloran!

HS Students and Winter Driving

For those families with a student who drives to school, please note that parents always have parental discretion as to whether or not their student is capable of navigating the roads. This includes students who attend DMACC classes in Newton. There is a potential that school at L-S could be cancelled and DMACC is still in session. I would ask that a parent simply contacts us in the main office to let us know if they have concerns about the driving conditions. Parents can do that by calling the main office (leave a message before 8:00am) or emailing Susan Jansen (jansen@lshawks.com).

Elementary and Middle School

Changing weather

Fall has definitely arrived and our students are making the most of it during their time outside on the playground. As colder weather continues to make its appearance, please take some time to double check that your child has what is needed for a variety of weather conditions. It will be time for snow pants, snow boots, hats, gloves, winter coats, etc. soon and we want to make sure the kids can comfortably enjoy their time during recess. If your family would benefit from assistance in providing cold weather items for your child, please contact Teri Bowlin, PreK-8 Principal, or Michaela Gunsaulus, PreK-5 Guidance Counselor. We would be happy to work with you to make sure those needs are met through our Student Assistance Fund and all communication would be kept confidential.

come learn with us!

K-5 families are invited to join us for a fun evening of learning activities and experiences! Our classroom teachers have put together literacy and math activities families can utilize to help reinforce important skills. Families are encouraged to stop by the K-5 classrooms to participate in a variety of activities and take materials with them to continue those opportunities at home. All children will also get to choose a free book.

Families are encouraged to stop by the MS gym to enjoy a snack and listen to our three guest readers Matt Dunsbergen (6:00PM), Norene Paulson (6:20PM), and Kyle Squires (6:40PM). Mrs. Paulson will be reading her published book What's Silly Hair Day with No Hair?

As students and families participate in activities throughout the night, they will fill out their raffle cards. The raffle drawing will take place during morning announcements on Wednesday, October 26th. We hope you can join us for this fun and memorable evening!

November 7th and 10th

Parent-Teacher Conferences are a great opportunity to communicate student progress and discuss ways school personnel and families can work together to help our students have a positive educational experience!

We are in the process of getting conferences scheduled for our K-6 students and any 7th/8th grade students new to the district. Thank you for filling out the surveys to share the dates/times that would work best for these important conversations. Information will be coming home soon to communicate scheduled conference visits.

As a reminder, middle school teachers will be available both nights from 4:00 to 8:00PM for conversations about all students in grades 6-8. We encourage all middle school parents to stop by to visit with our staff and pick up your child's report card.

We value these opportunities to partner with families and hope to see you at conferences!