January 2023


Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursday, January 26 - 1PM Dismissal for Professional Development

  • Friday, January 27 - 2022 Citizen of the Year Presented @ L-S vs. NM Basketball Game

  • Monday, February 6 - Kindergarten Open House (6PM-7PM)

  • Thursday, February 9 - 1PM Dismissal for Professional Development

  • Monday, February 20 - No School (President's Day)

  • Thursday, February 23 - 1PM Dismissal for Professional Development

  • Monday, February 27 - Prospective New Student Open House (6PM-7PM)

  • March 6/9 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

High School

School issued ipads and chargers

At the halfway point of our school year, I thought it might be a good time to revisit some things as it relates to our school issued iPads.

  • Please know that these devices can be damaged by extreme temperatures. Students should not leave them in their cars overnight as this could damage the screen and/or battery.

  • Students should fully charge their iPad every night so that when they arrive at school, they are prepared and ready for the days activities.

  • Students should be logged into their school issued iCloud account on their assigned iPad. You can do this by visiting: settings, Apple ID, and then logging in using your school email address and password. Doing this will help your iPad function as it should.

  • At the end of the year, students will be expected to turn their iPad in for inspection. Any damage to the case, device or charger could result in fees to that student. Additionally, students are expected to turn in the same charger that they were issued.


Mr. Shipley

Did you know that you can get DMACC credit right here in our building?

Lynnville-Sully's Language Skills class counts as credit for DMACC’s COM703 (Communication Skills)

“What does it mean that Language Skills is a “concurrent enrollment” class?”

Taking Language Skills here at L-S will count as both a Lynnville-Sully English credit as well as 3 DMACC college credits.

“Do I have to pay anything for this class to receive DMACC credit?”


“Does this class count as my core English requirement in college?”

Yes, if you plan to go into one of DMACC’s Diploma or Technical “trades” programs, such as welding, building trades, or auto collision. It will count as a general elective if pursuing an Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degree at DMACC.

No, if you attend some other institution. The three credits earned in this course will still transfer, but just as credits themselves and not toward any program or major’s requirement.*

“What if I’m not going to DMACC? Does this class count for anything?”

The three credits from this course will likely transfer to another institution, but they will probably not count as your English requirement–just general credits.*

“Do I have to get a certain grade in this class to get college credit for it?”

You must pass the class with a D- or above to receive L-S and DMACC credit for this course. If you are attending an institution that is not DMACC, you likely need to receive a C- or above for the credits to transfer. In that case, whatever grade you receive in this course will likely factor into your future college GPA.*

Did you know that there is another concurrent enrollment opportunity at L-S?!

See Mrs. Arkema for more information about what course she offers for DMACC credit.

Elementary and Middle School

LS open house ad_color_1.26.23.pdf

kindergarten open house

We are excited to be hosting our annual Kindergarten Open House on Monday, February 6 from 6:00-7:00 PM. This is an opportunity for families to see the kindergarten classrooms, meet the teachers, and receive information about a variety of important topics including health information. All prospective kindergarteners will receive a fun surprise as well. We look forward to seeing you!

Author Visits

L-S 8th graders had the chance to learn from two experienced authors last week as they began the process of writing children's books for 1st and 5th grade classrooms.  Coach Sloth was able to visit L-S again, this time it was via Google Meet.  Norene Paulson, retired L-S MS Language Arts teacher, met with students to share firsthand examples of her experiences with publishing multiple children's books. Students are working to write thank you letters to share with both authors who will also see the students’ final projects and may help during the next few weeks as they work through the writing process. 

Coach sloth

On January 10th, the 8th graders held virtual meetings with Coach Sloth.  Coach Sloth shared about how his writing career started with a similar project when he was in school.  He showed the 8th graders his first manuscript which was written when he was 14.  From there he has authored several books.  He was able to share where he gets some of his ideas from, how to develop characters, and other tricks he has learned as he continues his writing career.  His insight was helpful as 8th graders were in the beginning stages of creating their own books that will eventually be shared with a 1st or 5th grade group of students.  Students were also able to ask questions about their particular stories.  The students appreciated Coach Sloth's tips and suggestions. Coach Sloth also shared how much he enjoyed his visit to L-S in the fall when he was able to meet with students in grades K-5.

Norene Paulson

Author Norene Paulson visited L-S to meet with students on January 11th. Mrs. Paulson has written two books and is working to promote her third book this spring. She shared some similar ideas as Coach Sloth, but gave some additional suggestions that she finds useful. Mrs. Paulson was able to also talk to students about their ideas and listen to some of their early thoughts about the books they are writing. As a a former middle school teacher, she was able to match her discussion to the middle school students' understanding of the writing process. She focused more on word choice and how the pictures really can help bring those characters to "life". Mrs. Paulson has a book promotion in February at La Rose Marie Bakery to showcase her new book. 

Winter Break Math and Reading Challenges

K-5 students were challenged to do reading and math activities over winter break. We are so proud of our students (and families) for stepping up to participate in the activities that were suggested and we had a wonderful time celebrating their efforts!

For the reading challenge, 184 students (79%) participated at least one reading activity and enjoyed the opportunity to play BINGO. 124 students chose to complete 10 or more activities, which led to them receiving a free book. In total, the students took part in 2,071 literacy activities during the holiday break.

We had almost the same level of participation for the math challenge, which was a fun, new addition this year. Overall, 172 students spent time with friends or family doing a math-related activity. 77 students found a way to complete 10 or more of the activities and got to help make a snack for their peers to enjoy when we celebrated together playing a variety of math games.

We hope the students made many positive memories with friends and family over the holiday break as they read together and played math games. It's great to practice skills in a fun way, but even better to do it with those that mean the most in their life. Thanks for your support!