December 2022


Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, December 21 - 1PM Dismissal for winter break

  • Tuesday, January 3 - No School (Teacher Professional Development)

  • Wednesday, January 4 - Classes Resume

  • Thursday, January 12 - End of 2nd Quarter (1st Semester)

  • Friday, January 13 - No School (Teacher Work Day)

  • Thursday, January 26 - 1PM Dismissal for Professional Development

Inclement Weather Information:

Hawks - Please check out the following graphics that provide some helpful information as we approach some Iowa winter weather later this week. Please be safe out there and have a wonderful Christmas break!

High School

Semester Test Schedule (New in 2022-23!)

High School Students and Families,

On January 11th and 12th 2023, we will be running a modified schedule to accommodate semester tests. We plan to run this schedule at the end of 2nd semester this year as well. There are many reasons for this change, some of which include:

  1. Creating a dedicated time for students to catch up and finish out the semester.

  2. Creating a more formal assessment period to finalize our academic semester. This will in turn help to prepare students for similar tests in their future whether that be in the workforce or in college.

  3. Helping provide a better testing environment for all students and staff.

Running a different schedule can be confusing, especially with all of the different directions that our students go these days. We have done our best to anticipate as many questions as possible and have listed those below the schedule under the heading: “Important Information.” Please take a look at that information. If you still have a question after reading through that, please reach out to the school by calling the main office at 641-594-4445, and we would be happy to help.

Thank you,

Mr. Aaron Shipley

HS Principal

New Semester Test Schedule

Semester Tests Important Information

  • Students are expected to report to their assigned class for their semester tests.

  • Morning DMACC students will need to leave DMACC classes at 9:00am to make it to LSHS on time for their tests. DMACC is aware but students should still communicate with their professors.

  • Internship students may report to work as normal, unless they have scheduled their final presentation during the semester test time frame.

  • Senior work release students may leave campus and report to work as normal during 9th period.

  • If a student has a study hall, they are still required to attend the study hall.

  • The Last Chance Window on the second day is optional for students.

    • If students decide not to attend, they must leave campus or report to the Art Gallery if they ride the bus.

  • Students are required to attend “Catch Up Time” on both days.

    • Catch Up time locations are the same as ISASP testing locations and will be posted outside the counseling office.

  • PE- Classes will be held as normal.

  • Band/Choir - Class will be held as normal.

Elementary and Middle School

Computer Science Comes alive

Computer Science Education Week was celebrated December 5-11th. Mrs. Sabrina Edsen, third grade teacher, organized many activities for students throughout the week. Mrs. Edsen also spent one day visiting each class to introduce teachers and students to games and apps that could be incorporated into their classrooms.

To end the week, students had the opportunity to explore a variety of programmable robots, along with Hour of Code activities on an iPad. The students really enjoyed the challenge of programming the robots so they would travel from one destination to another. Thank you, Mrs. Edsen, for helping our students engage with

7th grade student council members Jace Johnson, Trace Alberts, Phenix Gibbs, and Breah Lowry pose in front of some of the boxes of food that were gathered from K-8 classrooms.

Student Council Canned Food drive

The Middle School Student Council led and organized the annual canned food drive. K-8 students are invited to participate to see which classes at the elementary and middle school can bring in the most non-perishable items.

This year nearly 1,000 items were donated during the week-long competition. All donations will be sorted and organized to be redistributed to local families who participate in the Sharing Tree program. Mrs. Johnson's class brought in the most items at the elementary and 8th grade took top honors for the middle school. A huge thanks to everyone who participated!

5th Grade Gives Back

5th grade students experienced the magic of helping others this holiday season by making tie fleece blankets for pediatric oncology patients at the University of Iowa Hospital. Mrs. Downing's sister is a nurse on that floor and will help deliver the blankets to patients just in time for the holidays. The fifth grade teachers and students were blown away by the amount of fabric donated by families and community members. The students have been busy assembling the blankets and will have over thirty finished by the time the project is completed!

Winter Break Challenges

Students in grades K-5 are encouraged to take part in our winter break reading and math challenges. We understand that the holiday break is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family sharing stories, cooking, watching holiday movies, etc. We are hoping that some of that time can also be spent making memories together with books and games. Students will be given a paper for both reading and math that list suggested activities. When your child completes one of the activities, simply color in or cross out that item on the paper. Students who complete at least one reading activity will be playing BINGO and those who take part in at least one math activity get to join in a game time. If a student completes ten (or more) reading activities or math activities, they will be eligible for additional fun experiences.

Click the links below for more information.

Reading Winter Break Challenge Parent Letter

Reading Winter Break Challenge Activities

Math Winter Break Challenge Parent Letter

Math Winter Break Challenge Activities

Middle School Volunteerism

Middle school teachers and students have been busy looking for opportunities to volunteer within our communities. Most recently, middle school and high school students spent time supporting the holiday celebrations in both Sully and Lynnville. The kids enjoyed the opportunities to assist with craft activities, read to younger students, and sell cookies to raise money for the Lynnville Library.

If you are aware of future volunteer activities for our students, please reach out to any of the middle school teachers. The students are enjoying the opportunity to make a positive difference and look forward to continuing to find ways to give back.