April 2022


Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, April 22: PD Early Dismissal (1:00PM)

  • Saturday, April 23: Lynnville-Sully Prom

  • Thursday, May 5: PD Early Dismissal (1:00PM)

  • Tuesday, May 17: L-S School Board Meeting

  • Saturday, May 21: Graduation (7:00PM)

  • Thursday, May 26: Last Day of School

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On Saturday, April 23, a group of cyclists will ride through Sully. The last cyclists are scheduled to ride through town by 2:30-3:00PM. Riders will have a mass start at 10 AM in Pella and will finish at Iowa Bike Co. back in Pella. Cyclists will pass through our school parking lot and have the opportunity to stop at a hospitality tent near Casey's. Please be aware of the extra traffic in/around town. This is also our HS Prom date so extra caution is extremely important. Be safe, everyone!

High School

4th quarter Mid-terms

Reminder: 4th quarter midterms are on April 26th.

The midterm is typically (as its name implies) in the middle of the grading period. In our calendar, the midterm typically falls at the four week mark of each quarter. If a student is failing at the midterm, they are ineligible for at least 24 hours, and then until they get their grade(s) back to a passing level. In order to become eligible, students must turn in a signed slip to the office.

Students and parents should check their JMC for the most up to date information regarding their progress. As a helpful resource, please check out our JMC Key to help better understand teacher grades on JMC.

The importance of family dinners

In today's world of hustle and bustle, our calendars are constantly reminding us which direction we are supposed to be headed and what time we are supposed to be there. This busy lifestyle ramps up with spring time because nicer weather means more opportunities for activities. Often times I hear parents of high school students say that they barely get the chance to talk to them throughout the week.

With that said, I want to take a moment to talk about the critical importance of time together as a family. While sports and work schedules are important things to attend, none of them should take precedence over time together as a family.

One easy way to increase involvement in our students' lives is by simply eating meals together. According to The Family Dinner Project, benefits of regularly scheduled family dinners are:

  • Better academic performance

  • Higher self-esteem

  • Greater sense of resilience

  • Lower risk of substance abuse

  • Lower risk of teen pregnancy

  • Lower risk of depression

  • Lower likelihood of developing eating disorders

  • Lower rates of obesity

  • Better cardiovascular health in teens

  • Bigger vocabulary in preschoolers

  • Healthier eating patterns in young adults

There are also benefits for adults, including:

  • Better nutrition with more fruits and vegetables and less fast food

  • Less dieting

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Lower risk of depression

Take a moment to consider whether you can "beef up" your connections at home by being intentional about family meals.

-Aaron Shipley, HS Principal

For more resources about Family Dinners, check out: https://thefamilydinnerproject.org/

Elementary and Middle School

K-6 Track and Field Day

Friday, April 29th

K-5th Events

Running Field Class

Events Events Games

-Individual Running -Softball Toss - Sack Race

Event -Hurdles - Egg Race

-50 M Relay -High Jump - Tug of War (4th &5th)

Kindergarten-6th Grade Track and Field Day Schedule

12:00-12:45 3rd Grade

12:30-1:15 4th Grade

1:00-1:45 5th Grade

1:30-2:15 Kindergarten

2:00-2:45 1st Grade

2:30-3:15 2ndGrade

2:30-3:30 6th Grade

6th Grade Events

Running Event Field Event

(pick one) (pick one) -100 meter dash -High Jump

-200 meter dash -Long Jump

-400 meter dash -Shot Put

-4x100 meter relay

-50 meter hurdles- optional

We hope you can join us for the excitement on this fun day!

Staff Appreciation Week: May 2-6

Lynnville-Sully will celebrate staff appreciation week Monday, May 2 through Friday, May 6. If your students would like to make cards or drawings for teachers or staff members to show their appreciation, please send them any time that week to brighten someone's day!

4th Grade visits Living History Farms

On Monday, April 18th, Ms. Karr and Mrs. Winegar's fourth grade classes took a trip to Living History Farms in Urbandale to experience what life was like in the 1870's, as well as some of the jobs people did and tools used at that time.

The 'Made in 1876' tour went to the Millinery (women's hat shop), Blacksmith, and Broom shop. At the millinery the students were able to learn about the types of hats, hat trimmings, and prices of hats. At the blacksmith the students learned about how to use the various tools, the importance of a hot fire and had the opportunity to create an 's' hook. At the broom shop they used different tools to create a child's sized broom.

The town tour visited the school house, the Tangen house (middle class colonial house), and the print shop. At the school house students experienced what a typical day would be at school. They used slates and did an arithmetic, recitation (reading), penmanship, and spelling lesson. The lessons were typical for the time period. At the Tangen house, the students made Fattigman cookies. The cookies are a Scandinavian recipe. The Tangen's immigrated from Norway and making the cookies helped them connect to the heritage. At the print shop, they learned about how a newspaper and advertisements were printed and all of the jobs that were available in a print shop. They got to set the type for their name and print their name on paper.

Des Moines Metro Opera Visit

On April 6th the Des Moines Metro Opera performed "Rusalka" (The Little Mermaid) for K-6 students.

Students in 3rd-6th grade attended workshops with the performers where they learned about the performance and were able to ask questions of the performers.