Construction Updates

October 2021 Bond Construction UpdateS

A rendering of the new multipurpose gym (facing south)

The metal siding is currently going up. All bathroom areas on the east end have been construction with block.

Multipurpose Gym

The multipurpose gym will be located on the north edge of the existing high school building and will provide space for physical education classes, extra curricular practices and competitions.

The multipurpose gym will feature a wood floor, retractable bleachers, and bathrooms.

Throughout the construction of this new building, inspectors have been onsite to ensure that all work meets industry standards.

As of 10/15/21: The target date for completion of the project is Feb. 18, 2022

Concession Stand

A new concession stand is being constructed near the football field and track. This new structure will feature many more bathroom stalls/fixtures to alleviate long wait times at big events! Additionally, the concession stand will have a larger, more updated work space for concession stand workers.

The new concession stand is almost complete! We hope to have it ready to go for a potential home playoff football game on Oct. 22!

Thank you for your patience, Hawk fans!

For safety reasons, visitors to our athletic complex should not enter any areas that are fenced off.

K-8 Main Entrance

Major renovations are currently underway for our K-8 main entrance. These improvements will allow for a more secure school environment, and a more modern work space for office staff.

Currently, the block is scheduled to arrive on the 20th of October and installed on October 29th! Progress!

HVAC Upgrades

The HVAC system at Lynnville-Sully is undergoing major upgrades. The four rooftop units on the high school gym were replaced. A crane was onsite the week of August 9 to install these new air handling units. These new units will help improve the efficiency of our system.

Additionally, the HVAC system in the middle school gym and kitchen area is being updated. New heat pumps will be installed yet this month!